Avtor:***Naslov:The Hedgehog Review. Vol 1 (Fall 1999) Identity Critical reflections on contemporary cultureIzdajatelj:Charlottesville : In?titute for Advanced Studies in Cu -0001Področje: RevijaŠtevilka: Rev195Medij:revijaŠt. strani:102ISBN:ISSN : 1527-9677Jezik:engOpis:
http://www.virginia.edu/iasc/hedgehog.html","Vsebina/Contents Front Matter Introduction Questions of Identity Joseph E. Davis, Guest Editor Articles Glamour and the End of Irony Harvie Ferguson Romantic Modernism and the Self John Steadman Rice The Self: Death by Technology Kenneth J. Gergen The Self in Consumer Society Zygmunt Bauman The Body as Referent David Harvey Healing the Fragmented Self Joseph E. Davis The Rise and Decline of Ethnicity: Native American Ethnic Renewal Joane Nagel The Citizen and Cyberspace Mike Featherstone Interview An Interview with Sherry Turkle Mike Featherstone Review Essay Self and Net in the Information Age: A Review of Manuel Castells? The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture Krishan Kumar Bibliography Identity and Social Change: A Short Review Joseph E. Davis
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