What is ŠkratMobil?

By diverse, carefully structured activities, the prime objective of “Škratmobil” is to ease region’s problems brought on by recent economic crisis, enabling children and youth to develop a vast array of skills that will allow them to be better equipped for facing uncertainties that are emerging from the recent crisis. In this manner, the project will offer:

1. Transfering knowledge and skills to children and youth,

2. Helping people in distress and enhance them with skills for tackling every day difficulties and struggles

3. Fostering youth involvement in their local environment with acquired skills,

4. Concrete and practical products generated by the creative workshops,

5. Contributing to solidarity, social inclusion, and social justice.

The unique project’s feature is forming a permanent mobile platform – “Škratmobil”, which will provide substantial sustainability of the project.

ŠkratMobil is financed by EGP financial mechanism and Norwegian financial mechanism.