About KUD Anarhiv

Throughout the years, KUD Anarhiv, mainy financially supported by Municipality of Ljubljana and occasionally by EU’s financial mechanisms and other Slovenian grants, has conducted several projects that have contributed to recognition of inequalities and injustices in (Slovenian) society mainly among youth and children.

Our central project is Elf’s Reading Room (slo. Škratova Čitalnica) – a library dedicated to offering most varied, and often times otherwise hard to access books and other reading materials that have to do with areas such as feminist studies, sociology, philosophy, social alternatives, sustainable development, institutional change etc.

At the same time, the Elf’ s Reading Room is functioning as an info point for youth and also as a free guidance platform for project funding applications intended for young people in search of their employment and vocational prospects through NGO sector, promoting sustainable development, democracy, equal possibilities etc.

Until now, the platform has been successful in attracting public financial mechanism, including prestigious Norwegian financial mechanism and smaller Slovenian public mechanism for numerous workshops for children and youth, carried out by young professionals who have lost their employment (or are not able to get one) due to a severe financial crisis.

During the years, we have conducted numerous projects, focusing on:

a.) children between 7 and 14 years,

b.) youth between 15 and 29 years (emphasis on youth not included in formal education, but also other),

c.) unemployed youth (emphasis on group age 15- 24 year, but also older),

d) minorites,

e) students.